Eating potatoes weight gain, 5 such myths of potatoes and their truth

Weight gain, 5 such myths of potatoes and their truth

There are so many myths in the fitness field that man has been believing in them. Some people believe the words of local gym gurus, partners, etc. without knowing it.

Not only that, they tell other people the same thing. Maybe what you came to know is wrong. Therefore, such a myth should be avoided from telling anyone without knowing the truth.

New research and data bust these myths. Therefore, fact and science back (Fact and Science Back) should always be considered correct.

Just as there are myths about nutrition and weight loss in the industry. Similarly, there are many myths about potato consumption.

Chips are made from potatoes. Chips are unhealthy due to deep frying in oil. But that doesn’t mean that all dishes made from potatoes (Potato dishes) are unhealthy.

Many myths related to potatoes make people not consider it healthy for health. But here we will tell you some things according to science and fact, which you need to know. In this article we will tell you about potatoes and the myths associated with it


Myth 1 : Potato to weight gain (Potato Causes Weight Gain)

Eating potatoes weight gain, 5 such myths of potatoes and their truth

It is the biggest myth that potatoes contain a lot of carbs. So eating it leads to weight gain. But if it is eaten in the right quantity and properly, it does not cause any harm nor does it gain weight.


When potatoes are cooked properly, such as baked (Backed), boiled (Boiled), roasted (Roasted) or steamed (Steamed), they do not harm any weight loss plan (Weight loss plan).

Potato complex is carbohydrate (Complex carbohydrate), so it helps in weight loss. But if you mix potatoes with cream (Cream), cheese (Paneer), butter (Butter) or anything else then they will definitely contribute to weight gain. So avoid frying potatoes, making oily dishes or eating in chips form.

So you should consume potatoes according to diet, calories. This will reduce the expectation of weight gain.


Myth 2 : All nutrients in potato peel (Nutrients are in the Potato Skin)

Eating potatoes weight gain, 5 such myths of potatoes and their truth

It is also a myth that all nutrients are present in any fruit or vegetable peel. The truth is that whenever you peel off a fruit, the amount of fiber (Fiber) decreases. All other nutritions are in potatoes and not potato peels.

Potatoes are the best source of vitamin C (vitamin C) and potassium (Potassium). It also contains vitamin B6 (Vitamin B6) and carbohydrates (Carbohydrate).


Myth 3 : Potatoes increase blood sugar (Potatoes Spike Blood Sugar)

Glycemic index (Glycemic Index) ranks foods on the basis of how much they increase blood sugar (Blood sugar). Therefore, to avoid spikes in blood sugar, you are said to consume foods that have low glycemic index.

Potato has a glycemic index of medium i.e. 56 and does not raise blood sugar levels. So it can be consumed. But make sure to avoid eating potatoes with deep fry and more oil.

One more thing is that in Indian meals, potatoes are eaten with protein dal, roti and other high fiber vegetables, which slow down the process of increasing blood sugar.


Myth 4 : Calorie-rich (Potatoes are full of calories)

This myth is spread among many people. So a lot of people avoid consuming potatoes. Normal size potatoes contain 258 calories, 0.37 grams of fat, 57.97 grams of carbs and 6.2 grams of protein. It also contains potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, plus zero sodium etc.

Regular intake of potatoes in large quantities leads to weight gain. So eating cooked and boiled potatoes is good for the body. But keep in mind that potatoes should not be fried or eaten with oil. Otherwise, it increases the calorie intake.


Myth 5 : Potatoes contain simple carbohydrates (Potatoes Contain Simple Carbohydrates)

Potatoes contain simple carbohydrates. This myth is wrong. In fact, potatoes contain complex carbohydrates that provide the necessary energy to our body. They provide calories immediately as they make the glucose level in the blood full. So you will remember that any professional athlete and climber immediately consumes potatoes for energy.


Conclusion (Conclusion): You must have understood what myths about potatoes are famous and what is their truth. So take care of the above and don’t believe them. If you have also heard a myth, comment and tell us, we will try to find out the truth and tell you. You can click on the health section of the Fitkill Hindi for more information.


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