1.Alternate Hammer Curl

First of all, stand up straight and take dumbbell in both hands. Your elbows should touch your torso. Now lift the dumbbell with the right hand. Take the dumbbells up to your shoulders. After being in this state for some time, take the hand down. Exhale while moving down. Now do this process with the left hand. You can also do these variations when you get used to doing this workout.

2.EZ Bar Barbell Curl

Perform an exercise with a weight in the EZ bar. Raise the weight upwards with your hands and slowly bring it up to the chest.

Then hold it down for 1-2 seconds and bring it down slowly, but keep in mind that during exercise, keep the elbows and the back straight. Then slowly lift the weight according to the capacity.

3.One Arm Dumbbell Curl

It strengthens the biceps and shoulders as well as increases the size of the hands.To do this exercise, after taking dumbbells in one hand, bring the elbows up to the top and then slowly bring them down. Then gradually increase the weight according to the capacity.

4.Preacher curl

This should be done with E-Z barbel. In this exercise, the shoulder does not have much use, but the lower part of the arms has more use. For this, you can do this exercise by sitting comfortably. This exercise should be done with full concentration and if applicable, you can also take a gap.

4.Incline dumbbell curl

This is also a very good exercise. With this, both of your Brachii grow rapidly and you will do this exercise with dumbbells. Take dumbbells in both hands and lift them up together, for this you have to first lay them on a stand, then you lift these dumbbells with your full stretch and lower and lift them with full force so that your biceps are very strong.

5. Standing dumbbell curl

By the way, you must have been identified by the name of this exercise. That you will do this excision by standing upright and taking dumbbells in both hands, alternately up and down with both hands. But as we told you above. While doing this exercise, in which case you move the hand up. At the same time, bring the hand down, many people rotate their hands like hammer exercises while coming down. So that your biceps muscles do not get under pressure and they do not grow so fast. Therefore, while doing this exercise, keep this in mind and do it with full stretch and if you rotate your wrist slightly inwards, then both parts of your Brachii become very strong. By the way, both your Brachialis and Brachii parts are strengthened by this exercise. So you can do this exercise for quick growth of your biceps. This is a very good exercise.

6.Concentration Curl

With this exercise, you strengthen the brachii peak and both the parts of brachii and along with it both brachialis and brachii are strong. And it is a very good exercise to grow. You will do this by sitting on a stool with a dumbbell in one hand and moving the dumbbell up and down, then after a while you will lower the dumbbell in the same way so that your biceps will get a good stretch and your biceps will grow . . So we told you some exercises, you do these exercises with full attention and while exercising, keep your attention only on your muscles and on such size, you forget about everything around y

7.Cable curl

In this exercise, we will exercise with the help of a cable machine. We will apply 4 sets and 15-12-10-8 reps for this exercise.

8.High cable curls

We will use the cable. We will apply 4 sets of this exercise and keep 10 reps in each set, in which we will hold for 10 seconds in the finish position.

9.Cable rope Hammer Curl

In this exercise, we will exercise with the help of a cable rope machine. We will apply 4 sets and 15-12-10-8 reps for this exercise.

10.Hammer curl

In this exercise, we will exercise with the help of a dumbbell. We will apply 4 sets and 15-12-10-8 reps for this exercise.

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11.Cross Body Hammer Curl

12.EZ Bar Close-Grip Barbell Curl

13.Lying Cable Curl

14.Machine Preacher Curl