Six Pack Abs

If you are also making a body and doing push-ups but the effect on the body is not showing as much as you thought, then maybe you are doing something wrong, see this post in a very basic From how to do pushups correctly, just follow these easy steps and make 6 Pack Abs




The Crunch Exercise is the first exercise of Abs. Which you have to start in the beginning. You have to close your leg by lying on the ground from the side of your waist. Put both your hands behind the head and do not hold the other hand. Try to rise up slowly as shown in the picture. You have to apply 4 sets of this exercise, whose reps will be 25,20,15,12

2.Hanging Leg Raise


Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise is another abs exercise. Which you have to apply immediately after the exercise of crunch, this will cause more effect in your abs. Hold the bar of Pull Up and hang it as shown in the picture. After that, raise your leg straight forward and bring it to 90 degrees and slowly go back to the starting position. For this exercise also you have to set 4  Rep 15,12,10,8.



3.Incline Knee Raise

incline knee raise

In this exercise, you have to use the Incline Bench. As shown in the photo. First of all, lie down on the bench in this position. Lie on the Incline Bench from the side of your waist and bring your chest towards your chest while closing your knees. Be careful while exercising, keep your stomach tight. For this exercise, you have to do 4 sets and 25,20,15,12. Reps.

4.Incline Bench Sit-Ups

Incline Bench Sit Ups

In this exercise also you have to use Incline Bench. Only you have a side in it. As per the picture on the Incline Bench, lie down from the side of the waist and stuck your leg in the stopper. Put your hands on your head and try to move slowly forward. You also have to do 4 Set 20,15,12,10. Reps for this exercise.



Plank This is the last exercise of Abs which makes Abs hard. This looks very easy to exercise but when you start putting it, you will know how easy it is. And this exercise is very effective. Just as you do a push-up exercise, keep your elbow on the ground in the same position and place your weight on your forearms and your paws. Hold this position for some time as stated in the last of the exercise. This exercise is to be set and in this exercise, the body has to be held according to the timing. Timing- 60Sec, 60Sec, 50Sec, 40Sec, 30Sec.