15 Protein Sources in India – Worst to Best

15 Protein sources in India

Protein sources is very important not only for muscle building but also for our overall body functioning.

According to Modern Medical Science, a person who does not do workouts. he/she sits and works throughout the day, his body also needs 50-60 grams of protein sources in a day. But if your goal is of muscle building then you need more protein sources.

Is Your Diet In Enough Protein sources? Which food sources are you taking protein from? Are they helping your fitness goal? Let’s find out.

Hello friends, Welcome to my FItkill. In this article, the protein sources in India to rank among the best. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are many factors like bioavailability, rate of absorption, price, source, etc.

I have divided all these protein sources in india into 4 categories. 


PROCESSED MEAT – Any meat which has been modified either to enhance its taste or increase its shelf life is processed meat. Processed meats include sausages, salami, bacon, ham.

Protein sources processed meat

There is no doubt that processed meat contains too much protein sources but is not at all health for the body. So much so that the Health Organization has considered the harmful effects of processed meat equivalent to regular tobacco chew.

Eating processed meat = Smoking cigarette

This is because a lot of harmful chemicals are used for the processing of meat. Which are not found in fresh meat. You will not feel good at all, but your favorite fast-food chain (McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Burger King, etc) Hot Dog uses processed meat to make burgers. Eating processed meat regularly can cause many diseases, even cancer.

protein sources processed meat protein



Beef, mutton, and pork are called red meat because their raw meat is red in color. Red meat also contains a high amount of protein sources, but the problem is that the amount of saturated fat is high.Red meat



Very few people know about the health benefits of cheese. It contains many nutritious elements like protein sources, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc.

It is also rich in vitamin B and a piece of vitamin D1 cheese is considered equivalent to a glass of milk. Its limited intake is beneficial. To lose weight and weight gain include it in your diet.

Eating it also makes the muscles strong. This cheese is made from cow, goat, buffalo and sheep milk, so its high intake can lead to weight gain.


Note: The problem is that most saturated fat is there. Daily average saturated fat in an average person is limited to about 18-20 grams. Eating more saturated fat increases bad cholesterol levels. America ranks first in obesity because meats are used more in America.


There are a lot of protein sources in india category 3. All legumes, dry fruits, Milk, Curd, Paneer. It is all healthy protein sources but not the lean source of protein.

Milk – Bodybuilding cannot be talked about without milk. Milk is rich in Protein sources and can be digested easily.

To build a strong body, you must drink at least 1-liter of milk every day in the beginning. You can drink it in 2 times. Half morning and half night, half an hour before bedtime.


CURD– curd has more protein sources, lactose, calcium as well as many vitamins than milk, so it is considered the best. Along with taste, it also has many such qualities, which gives you many healthy benefits. Curd helps a lot in weight loss


PANEER- If you exercise, then this protein source is best for you, but you do not have to eat paneer after exercising. Eating paneer after exercising slows down the fat in your digestive system.

Paneer can be eaten at night one hour before bedtime. At bedtime, our muscles and length increase, for which our body requires a lot of protein sources, eating paneer is a very good option.



Lean protein – A protein sources that has mostly protein and a negligible amount of fats and carbohydrates.

  • Rajma
  • Chickpea (Kabuli Chana)
  • Black Chickpea
  • Lentils

 Protein sources Legumes

Dry fruit (Nuts)

1 handful of dry fruits almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts. nuts have mano and polyunsaturated fats which are healthy and essential.

Dry fruit (Nuts)


Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one such thing that is the lifeblood of all bodybuilders. If the chicken breast is removed from the bodybuilding world then this world will become deserted.

This protein sources rich food is easy to find and usually fits everyone’s budget. This question often comes to the mind of people that how much protein sources is there in 100 grams of chicken breast?Chicken breast

Egg White

The highest amount of protein is in the egg white. We get 3 to 4 grams of protein from 1 egg. It provides the purest and cheapest protein sources, which helps in the growth of the body such as lose weight and weight gain etc.

There is no fat at all in the egg whites and it is very effective in weight gain and weight loss. If you see the difference in calories between the whole egg and only the white part, then there are more calories in the whole egg.

If you only need protein sources, then eat only the egg white part. It is clear that you will not get all the necessary nutrients from just the white part.

Egg white


You must have heard the benefits of eating fish from everyone, its benefits are limited to the hair and eyes. But do you know that fish are low fat, rich in protein and omega-3? Our body gets great benefits by eating fish.


Homemade Paneer

You can easily make homemade paneer at home. Boil the milk and mix lemon juice in it, the paneer will separate automatically, the green liquid will remain.

Homemade paneer

Soy Chunk

High-Protein Soybean can be beneficial in preventing diseases like diabetes, weight loss, weight and cancer, and soybean can be beneficial in many diseases.

In addition to protein sources, soybeans are also rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a high amount of vitamin B complex and vitamin E. Along with this, amino acids are also found in soybean, which proves helpful in bodybuilding.

Protein proves to be a very important element to keep the body healthy. Using soybean for the supply of protein in the body proves quite beneficial. Many nutrients can also be replenished in the body by using soybean.soy chunk

Note: However, soybeans can cause some allergies as well as harm. For example, soybeans have some compounds that mimic the female hormone estrogen. This can cause hormonal disturbances in women.

At the same time, excessive intake in men can lead to a decrease in impotence and sperm count. Therefore, everyone should consume a limited amount of soybeans.


Eat Tofu to make a good body, it contains a lot of protein. Eating this helps you a lot in Muscles Recovery. The special thing is that by eating this you do not get too many calories.

Whey protein

Whey protein is called ‘complete protein sources’ of high quality made from milk and products made from it. It contains all the amino acids, Branched Amino Acid, Glutamine, Lusin, etc. according to the requirement of the body. While purchasing the protein, it must be kept in mind that you have to take a brand that has at least 80 percent protein and milk is the main source of protein in it.

  • 1. Digest fairly quickly.
  • 2. Performs fast muscle recovery.
  • 3. Complete protein source.
  • 4. You can also drink by mixing in a shake.
  • 5. Helps in the overall growth of the body.
  • 6. It is very easy to use.

 whey protein

If you want to achieve your fitness goals quickly, then include these 15 protein sources in inida the diet.

Keep Varying – Don’t get used to one diet.

You eat your protein sources in a different way so that your body is not used for a diet.
If you choose foods from this article or helped you identify the best protein source according to your fitness course, please share this article with friends and social media like Facebook, Twitter












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