Top 11 Benefits of Water Chestnuts or Singhara

Along with plants, some herbs are also obtained from water. Water chestnuts (Singra) is also included in the medicinal plant obtained from the water. It is a fruit that grows in water, which is often used in fasting. Hardly people would know that the benefits of light, sweet and hard water chestnuts are very beneficial for health. Water chestnuts can be used to avoid diseases and reduce their symptoms. In this article of fitkill  we will get to know the possible health benefits of water chestnut as well as other important information related to it. In this article, more information is given on the basis of research.

First of all in the article we introduce water chestnuts.

What is water chestnut? –

Everyone knows water chestnuts as an aquatic plant. It is cultivated in water. This plant spreads like a creeper in water, whose leaves are like hyacinth. Its fruit has two horns or two thorns and is covered with hard shell i.e. armor. Inside it is a hard fruit of white color, dry and mildly sweet taste. It is often used as a food item in fasting. Most of the water chestnut is cultivated in Asia and Europe. It is used as food as well as herbal medicine. According to the research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), water chestnut can be used for diabetes, diarrhea, nose bleeding, fractures and inflammatory disorders etc. We will tell about this in detail in the article.


Let us now talk about the different types of water chestnut.

How many types of water chestnuts are there?

There are mainly two types of water chestnut, which are mentioned below.

  1. Eleocharis dulcis: It is a plant with stalks. It is widely grown in ponds in China.

  2. Trapa natans: Trapa natans is a fruit with large leaves that float on the surface of the water. It is majorly used in Chinese foods. It is cultivated extensively in Southern Europe and Asia.

In this special part of the article, we are telling how water chestnuts are beneficial for health.

What are the benefits of water chestnut –

Water chestnut is endowed with many medicinal properties. The properties and nutrients found in it can be beneficial for health in many ways. At the same time, before that, let us tell that many diseases can be kept away from themselves by eating water chestnuts. Also, it can help in reducing and recovering from various symptoms of common diseases. At the same time, if someone is seriously ill, then relying only on home remedies like water chestnut is not the right decision. In this condition, a doctor must be treated. Now read on:


1. Beneficial for skin and hair

Water chestnuts can also be beneficial for skin and hair. Some researchers from Jaipur have done research in this regard. According to him, water chestnuts can purify the blood by removing toxins from the body. This keeps the skin glowing. Measles-like conditions can be reduced a bit by consuming water-boiled water chestnuts. Also, making a paste from its powder and applying it on the skin can help in curing inflammation. Along with the skin, water chestnut can also be beneficial for the hair. They contain potassium, zinc, vitamins B and E. These nutrients can be beneficial in strengthening the hair as well as making them shiny, long and thick.


2. Beneficial for teeth

Consumption of water chestnut can also be beneficial for making teeth strong. According to a research published on the website of NCBI, the amount of phosphorus is found in water chestnuts. Phosphorus may be beneficial for the strength of teeth. Along with teeth, it can also be beneficial for the strength of bones.


3. Can be beneficial in pregnancy

Water chestnut is not only beneficial for normal people, but it can also be beneficial in pregnancy. Research has been done regarding eating water chestnuts during pregnancy. It has been found in this research that problems like hypertension in pregnancy can be overcome by consuming water chestnut. Also, the nutrients found in it can also be helpful in the development of the fetus growing in the womb. Of course, according to scientific evidence water chestnut is beneficial in pregnancy, but pregnancy is considered to be the most delicate time. Therefore, any pregnant woman must consult a doctor once before consuming it.

4. To get rid of stomach problem

Poor diet can lead to problems like constipation, vomiting and diarrhea. Water chestnuts can be beneficial to get rid of these problems. Actually, some amount of fiber is found in it. Fiber is effective in removing the problem of digestion. It can reduce the problem of constipation as well as diarrhea. Many problems related to the stomach can be overcome by this. It also has anti-ulcer properties, which can help in getting rid of stomach ulcers.


5. Helpful in controlling weight

Increasing weight and obesity can lead to many diseases. In such a situation, the consumption of water chestnuts can help to overcome the problem of obesity to some extent. It is rich in fiber and protein. According to research published on the NCBI website, fiber and protein take time to digest. Due to this the stomach becomes full and appetite is less. Also, he doesn’t feel like eating anything. In addition, excess fat is consumed and weight loss begins.

6. Water chestnut beneficial in diabetes

High levels of sugar in the blood can lead to diabetes. To avoid this problem and to control the level of sugar present in the blood, water chestnuts can be beneficial. According to a research organization in Japan, a component called polyphenols found in water chestnut extract may be effective in controlling the level of sugar present in the blood. For this reason, a condition like diabetes can be avoided by consuming water chestnuts


7. Water chestnut to get rid of pain and swelling

If someone often has the problem of pain or swelling, then water chestnut can be beneficial to get rid of it. According to research published on the NCBI website, water chestnut extract has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. While the analgesic property acts as a pain reliever, the anti-inflammatory property can be beneficial in reducing the problem of inflammation.


8. To control blood pressure

High blood pressure has become a common problem today. Due to this, even a heart attack may have to be faced. Water chestnut can be used as a medicine to avoid and control high blood pressure. A good amount of potassium is found in water chestnuts. Potassium relaxes the walls of blood vessels. It can also work to control blood pressure. In addition, potassium-rich foods are low in calories and carbohydrates, which can also help control weight. At the same time, by controlling the weight, the problem of high blood pressure can be avoided to some extent.


9. Benefits of water chestnut to keep the heart healthy

Many conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol can lead to heart-related problems. Water chestnuts can be beneficial to control both these conditions. Some scientists of Jaipur have done research on this subject. According to him, a sufficient amount of potassium is found in water chestnuts, while the amount of sodium is less. For this reason it can control high blood pressure. Also good for the heart.

10. Beneficial in thyroid

Minerals like iodine, manganese present in water chestnut play an important role in the prevention of thyroid and goiter diseases. It is beneficial in reducing blood pressure and obesity. If you are troubled by the trouble of tuberculosis, then consuming water chestnut flour is beneficial.

11. Sexual weakness

Water chestnut removes sexual debility. Taking 2-3 spoons of water chestnut flour and drinking lukewarm milk increases semen. Sometimes, due to some disease, there is a decrease in sexual stamina. Even in such a situation, water chestnut flour works as a boon.

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