MEN-Workout Plan


Do you want to build a body, just like movies have actors, just a six pack. Workout done on it to get a good body is the most useful and more important than that, the right technique. Whenever you build a body, do not think about the miracle happening overnight. It takes time, for this you have to constantly try and focus. For this, you have to work hard till 6 - 12 months and only then you will see a difference.


Those who go to the gym have been 6-12 months - such people should change their schedule every month. i will tell them the workout plan. people who have been doing gym for a long time. you can follow this workout plan.


Those who have been in the gym for over two years - you should change your workout schedule every time. Yes, if there is a workout that suits you a lot and you are getting good results, do not leave it. You people should follow a special workout schedule in between. Such as a 5 x 5, 2 month gain workout schedule. You have come to exercise so you should follow a result oriented schedule. Two months, three months, twenty days. Overall thing is that you should set a motive that if I want to gain, then you should go on the schedule and diet plan of gainings for two to three months. The best chance of getting good results is only with people who have done gym for two years. Such people are ready to go to the new stage. If you are in such an era, then get a professional to work out a special workout plan or if you have internet, search on it and make changes according to it.

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  1. Great content! This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks for your help 🙂

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