Pre workout and Post workout supplement

Pre workout and Post workout supplement

During your workout or exercise, you need to increase your energy to create speed and stamina, so that they can perform well.

This requires pre-workout and post-workout supplement. Most people use it, many research and studies have revealed that their intake increases the energy of your body and you do not get tired quickly.

The pre workout blend contains caffeine and carbs and the post workout blend contains BCAA, which repairs your body muscle tissues and speeds up recovery.

So today I am telling you about some pre workout and post workout supplement blends, which if you add to your routine, you can get good results.

(I am not forcing you to take any supplement here. Please consult an expert before using them.)

1. Carbs

Due to the low level of glycogen in the body, you start feeling tired. So when you are tired of exercising in the gym, it means that your glycogen tank is empty and it needs to be filled so that you can get energy.

Carbs replenish glycogen in the muscles of your body and you get charged again and can perform well in workouts or activities.

Carbs do not mean that you eat bread or rice before a workout. You can also eat carbs drinks, sports drinks, or bananas. It can be used in both pre workout or post workouts.


Branched chain amino acid consists of three amino acids leucine, valine, and isoleucine. It is an essential amino acid.

Our body which does not produce amino acids that we have to take from our diet or supplement is essential and the amino produced by ourselves and which does not require much of supplement and diet is non-essential amino acids. Acid). The BCAA is also taken as pre-workout and post-workout.

During exercise, our body goes into the Catabolic stage and if there is a deficiency of amino acids in the body, then the muscles start to be used as our body energy, which causes muscle loss. At the same time, the BCAA prevents damage to the muscles and repairs them.

If you are an athlete or want to achieve a goal, the BCAA helps a lot. At the same time, it also repairs brake muscles. According to some recent research, BCAA helps to reduce fat to some extent. More research is currently going on.

3. Caffeine Caffeine

You may have noticed that any professional bodybuilder or athlete who drinks before a workout has added caffeine, whether it is pre-workout blend of black coffee.

Caffeine activates the cells of your brain and also gives energy to your body, so using it may prove beneficial for you.

Caffeine can also increase your metabolism. But remember that excessive intake of caffeine can be harmful to you. You can use it as a pre-workout.

4. Vitamin-CVitamin-C

Vitamin-C is used as an antioxidant that also highs your metabolic rate. When your body starts to ache a little after workouts or gets under stress, then taking vitamin C is very beneficial at that time. It keeps your body perfect and also prevents it from getting cold.

Many people use their tablets, while many use orange or juice. It can be used in both pre or post workouts.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most important and effective antioxidants. Apart from your muscle growth, it also prevents muscle break, which keeps your health good.

At the same time, it also helps in fighting diseases like eye light, hair, skin, and cancer. You can get vitamin E from capsules or food. It can be used in both pre or post workouts.

Now you must have understood from the above information which supplement you have to add to achieve your goal.

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