How to increase biceps size

How to increase biceps size. Today we will tell you very good information in this post, this information is very beneficial for you. Because many people do not know much about this information. So today we will give you the complete and detailed information in this post, we will give you complete and detailed information about how to increase biceps size in this post today. Biceps is one such muscle group.

Which is most visible. If someone’s biceps are good. So you can attract people to you. Then whether you are wearing a T-shirt or a shirt or whatever, many people try to know this. That our biceps are not being formed. So what should we do about this, then today we will give you information about all the same things in this post. And that will help you a lot in increasing biceps size.

That is, what are the things you should keep in mind while doing workouts, or what are the mistakes you are making. Due to which your biceps cannot be made, and today we will tell you some such tips. How to increase biceps size. So that you will be able to make your good biceps and along with this you will tell me about some such exercises. So that you can teach your biceps.

We will tell you all the small things about biceps in this post. Which will go a long way in making you an attractive man. So you read this post thoroughly and carefully so that you too can increase your biceps, we are telling you all the information about it. Then see

Mistakes that occur when making biceps

First of all, we tell you what are the mistakes that many people make while doing workouts in the gym or while doing any other exercise so that their bicep is not made or they do not get strength.

How to increase biceps size


The biggest mistake any person makes before making his bicep. So he makes a nutritional mistake. If you will not give nutrition to your body as required. So after the gym or after a workout, your muscles will never grow. He will never be able to grow. This is the thing you need to keep in mind the most. No matter how much exercise you do, no matter how many workouts you do, no matter how long you work for it, how much exercise can be done by changing it. But you are not able to give nutrition right to your body. So, your muscles will never grow. Nutrition means that nutrition does not mean only one type of food. For that, you give all things to your body. So that everything in your body is full of protein. Vitamins. Fruit. Vegetables. Eggs. Meat, you should give all these things to your body, then after that if you do a workout in the gym. So your muscles will start growing very quickly.

Because when you work out in the gym. So you need a lot of energy while exercising. So at that time, you keep on consuming your entire energy. And if you do not nourish your body after that. Then you will not get the same energy again. So that makes your workout. And if your body does not get energy, then your muscle will never be formed. Because consume as much energy. Some more energy is needed to make your body mashed. So you must take care of your nutrition.


Thinking and mind

Many times many people ask us this question. That we have done a lot of workouts. And we are also giving an adequate amount of nutrition to our body. But even then our muscles are not being formed. Because their reason is this. When you go to the gym. And keep doing the gym continuously for a long time. And you keep on working out. But your mind is outside you. In your mind, you are thinking of something else. Due to this, your muscles will never be formed. Because if you work out in the gym for 20 minutes and 40 minutes. So leaving all the things, keep your focus on your muscles only. Keep on top of your workout and you work out with a good trainer. Because it is also a very big part of your muscles. If you are taking information about a workout from a trainer.

You also get a lot of benefit from this. And you should never carry too much weight in the wrong way because the wrong weight can be harmful to your muscles. Because if you go to the gym. And after workouts, it goes on like this. So you will not get any benefit from it because when you work out in the gym. So after that, your condition should be such that you will not be able to reach home so many workouts have to be done. Your body should be completely tired while doing the workouts and all your attention should be on your biceps. Then your muscles will start growing 100%. Then you will go home after workouts in the gym and after going home, eat all these good fruits, fruits, vegetables, fruits, eggs for your nutrition, then after that, your biceps will start forming very quickly.

Don’t exercise without knowledge

This problem has been seen in many people. Because this is the biggest problem you have. You should know while doing the workout. Which exercise is done for which part of the body. Because when you workout. So if you do workouts for different parts of your body, then only you will get the benefit, and only then your body will start to grow, like if you are exercising with biceps, then you should know what exercise of biceps would be is. And which exercises help to increase which part of the biceps.

Brachialis and second Brachii consists of 2 parts. There is a small part. And the other big part is the inside which forms the bol. It is a small part and is upwards. That’s a big part. So when you exercise your biceps. So it is very important for you to get information about them. Because many times you start exercising only one part of your biceps while exercising. Because in these three parts you have to do your exercise. And the growth of these three parts is important for you. So we are telling you some such tips below. So that you will know which exercises are necessary for your biceps. And what part of your exercise will grow.

Important things for biceps

1. When you exercise biceps. So your elbow position and your wrists should be correct when you exercise. And your coast is a bit out. And the elbow is equal to your chest. So with that exercise, the area between your biceps grows. And when you exercise with a straight elbow and wrist. And lifting weights. So at that time your Brachii muscle starts growing. And when you do exercise like a hammer. So at that time your outside part will be exercised and the outside part will start becoming brachialis, then you have to keep these small things in mind.

2. Whenever you exercise your biceps. So at that time, it is very important to keep in mind that when you lift the weight, then you should come to control that weight, that is, whenever you lift weight for your biceps. So you leave it with your vibe and pick it up with the stretch. And it is very important for you to control that weight, because when you are unable to control your weight or you cannot skip lifting with stretch. So there will be no pressure on your muscles due to which it will not start growing, so if you want to increase it. So you have to lift your weight with full stretch and leave. So that there will be pressure on them. And then slowly your muscles will start growing, then you need to take great care that you have to lift and drop your weight with control.

3. We will tell you a mistake that many people make. Because when you exercise with dumbbells. So it affects both parts of your biceps. And the muscles of both those parts start growing. But some people take the dumbbell right while exercising. But when he takes the double down. So his hand turns around so that the effect on your muscles cannot be read properly. Because it does not stretch your muscles properly. It does not stretch any part of you properly. So whenever you exercise with dumbbells. So the way you lift the weight. Many people make this mistake in the same way that your biceps will stretch and then your muscles will start growing. you have to take care of this.

4. Now we will tell you a mistake that you make while exercising. And so that the inner part of your biceps is not made. Because when you exercise biceps. So you just lift the dumbbell straight away. And move down. But when you exercise. So you try to rotate your wrist inward. So that the inner part of your biceps gets stretched. And your muscles start growing. And when you try to rotate your wrist like an inside, then the inside part of your biceps will grow very fast and it will start to become stronger. So these small things you need to keep in mind when you exercise. You should take full care of your exercise, whenever you exercise, you forget all the things around you and take full care of your exercise. I am talking about which will help you in increasing your biceps, so if you do these exercises then you will get a lot of benefits.



1. Biceps Barbell Curl

How to increase biceps size

To do this exercise, there is an iron rod, it has iron casts on both sides, which are of different weight, then while doing this exercise, you will lift that iron rod upwards. You have to raise both hands together and down with full stretch. Remember, you do not have to move your hands in it, keep your eyes in front and move it up and come down with the stretch Area. And with as much control as you can, stretch your biceps so that your biceps start to go wrong soon. With this exercise, both your brachialis and brachii parts are strengthened. But both of your Brachii grow faster than Brachialis. And you stretch your biceps with as much control as possible. And this will definitely start increasing your biceps..

2. Incline dumbbell curlIncline dumbbell curl

This is also a very good exercise. With this, both of your Brachii grow rapidly and you will do this exercise with dumbbells. Take dumbbells in both hands and lift them up together, for this you have to first lay them on a stand, then you lift these dumbbells with your full stretch and lower and lift them with full force so that your biceps are very strong.

3.Standing dumbbell curlStanding dumbbell curl

By the way, you must have been identified by the name of this exercise. That you will do this excision by standing upright and taking dumbbells in both hands, alternately up and down with both hands. But as we told you above. While doing this exercise, in which case you move the hand up. At the same time, bring the hand down, many people rotate their hands like hammer exercises while coming down. So that your biceps muscles do not get under pressure and they do not grow so fast. Therefore, while doing this exercise, keep this in mind and do it with full stretch and if you rotate your wrist slightly inwards, then both parts of your Brachii become very strong. By the way, both your Brachialis and Brachii parts are strengthened by this exercise. So you can do this exercise for the quick growth of your biceps. This is a very good exercise.

4. Concentration CurlConcentration Curl

With this exercise, you strengthen the brachii peak and both the parts of brachii and along with it both brachialis and brachii are strong. And it is a very good exercise to grow. You will do this by sitting on a stool with a dumbbell in one hand and moving the dumbbell up and down, then after a while, you will lower the dumbbell in the same way so that your biceps will get a good stretch and your biceps will grow . . So we told you some exercises, you do these exercises with full attention and while exercising, keep your attention only on your muscles and on such size, you forget about everything around you.

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