5 simple tests to measure your fitness level, what is fitness level.

5 simple tests to measure your fitness level, what is fitness level.

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One can maintain fitness by following fitness rules. But this does not mean that those who are strong in appearance, their fitness is equally good. Or those who are very thin, their fitness is not good.

Sometimes a thin man does that work, which even a tough man cannot do. It is directly related to fitness. Have you ever tried to get an idea of ​​how fit you are?

Perhaps you too have always been deciding your fitness level by looking at the weight. If the answer is yes then it is not correct. Your weight cannot tell your fitness level.

After the lockdown, there has been a decrease in everyone’s strength, endurance and fitness. If you want to test your strength then you can click on this link. But if you want to know the fitness level, then some tests will need to be done, so that you will be able to check your fitness level.


We will give you information about some tests to know fitness. By doing these tests at home, you can easily find out the fitness level. Based on that you can try to improve your fitness.


  1. BMI measurement

5 simple tests to measure your fitness level

BMI or body mass index is a formula that estimates body fat percentage based on weight and height. This is an indirect measurement of the body. Therefore it is used only indicatively.

BMI also does not tell the weight of muscles and weight of fat. By calculating BMI, you can easily find out the fitness level.

To find BMI, you need BMI = BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height X Height (in metres).. For example, your weight is 80 kg and your height is 5.5 inches (165 cm / 1.65 m), then your BMI 80 / (1.65×1.65). Its value will be 29.41.


  1. Push-Up Test

5 simple tests to measure your fitness level

Push-ups are a good upper body exercise. With this increasing the strength of the upper body, the body comes in the right shape. With this you can check the fitness level. If you can do 15-20 pushups without stopping, it means that you are in good fitness.

However, if someone is older then he will not be able to do so many pushups. Try to do at least 10 pushups.


  1. The stairs test

5 simple tests to measure your fitness level

Often people get tired of climbing the stairs and they start feeling short of breath. According to Padma Shri award winner Dr. KK Aggarwal, if you climb the stairs of your house after two consecutive days and you do not get breathless, then you can call yourself fit.


According to the President of Indian Medical Association and Heart Care Foundation of India, if you feel tired for 30 minutes after exercising, then you are unfit.


  1. 12 minute run test

simple tests to measure your fitness level

The 12-minute run test or ‘Cooper test’ was the best way to measure aerobic fitness and estimate VO2 max for the military in the 1960s. It was developed by Dr. Ken Cooper.

The run test is still done today. This is the easiest way to assess aerobic fitness. Your fitness level is determined by age, gender and how far you were able to run.

If a person can run 2,100 to 2,500 meters in 12 minutes, it means that he is absolutely fit. This figure also depends on age, gender and how far you are able to run.


  1. The walk test

simple tests to measure your fitness level

If you can walk more than 500 meters in 6 minutes then you are fit. But if you walk less than 200 meters in 6 minutes, you are unhealthy. Not only this, you may need medical attention. If you can walk between 200-500 meters then you need to focus on fitness.


Conclusion: You can easily find out the fitness level by the simple methods mentioned above. If your fitness level is good then you are to be congratulated. On the other hand, if the fitness level is not right then there is a need to work on fitness.

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