Flat barbell bench press

By putting weight in barbell, you can do bench press exercises with maximum weight. This trains your pectoral major muscles and your chest grows outward.

flat bench press | Chest exercise

Incline barbell bench press
In this exercise, keep the angle of your bench up to 45-35 degrees. Then put the weight in the barbell and bring it down slowly while lifting it upwards. This will train your upper chest.

incline bench press | chest exercise

Decline barbell bench press
In this exercise, the angle of your bench should be 15-20 degrees down. Then put the weight in the barbell and press it upwards and bring it slowly to the bottom of the chest. This will train your lower chest.


Flat dumbbell fly

1. Lie down on a flat bench and take dumbbells in your hands as per your ability.

2. Place both dumbbells on your thighs and keep the palms facing each other.

3. Now with the help of thighs, lift both dumbbells together and bring them above the shoulders.

4. After this, place the dumbbell on the same width as the shoulders and keep both palms face to face. Now lift the dumbbell up and stop, this is the initial position of the dumbbell fly.

5. Bend your elbows slightly, so that the effect of the dumbbell does not affect the biceps, but on the chest.

6. Now keep bringing both hands down in their direction, until your chest starts feeling stretched.

7. Breathe inward, bringing the dumbbell down.

8. Keep in mind that while doing this movement, the position of your elbows will be absolutely stable.

9. After this, move the hands in the initial position and release the breath while shrinking the pectoral muscles of the chest.

10. Hold the dumbbell upwards for one second and bring it down again.

Muscle target: chest


Incline dumbbell fly

To practice this type of dumbbell fly, you have to repeat the above method on the incline bench and position the dumbbell upward of the upper chest.
Muscle target: chest


Decline dumbbell fly

To perform the Decline Bench dumbbell fly the above-mentioned methods have to be repeated on the Decline Bench and keep the dumbbell position towards the lower chest.
Muscle target: chest


Flat bench dumbbell press
This exercise also comes under the category of bench press but in this we use dumbbell instead of barbel. Flat bench dumbbell presses are harder than exercise barbells because weighted dumbbells are harder to lift upward. In this exercise, you train your muscles with full motion.


Incline bench dumbbell press
In this exercise, the angle of your bench will be 45-35 degrees upwards. The ability is to lift the dumbbell by squealing the chest from both sides. This will train your upper chest.


Decline bench dumbbell press
Muscle target: chest


Cable cross over
High cable chest fly
middle chest fly
low cable chest fly
Muscle target: chest


Dip-for chest

This exercise is a bit difficult to do and for this reason many people do not do it because in this you have to lift your body with the help of your hands. The shape of the lower chest comes from this exercise.

To do this, keep your feet backwards and bend as far as possible to lift your body slowly.



Machine chest press
Free-weight pressing moves on flat benches are good for muscles but machine presses have some more advantages. In this exercise, the chest has to be hard pressed inward while squeeze and slowly bring out the shoulder to the shoulder. In this exercise, the chances of injury are very less and this will train your entire chest.


Push ups
flat push ups-
incline push ups-
decline push ups-

This exercise can also be done at home. This is the best exercise for the lower, middle and upper parts of your chest. In this, you can also keep weight on your back.


Dumbbell pull-over
target: chest