What to eat to build muscle – Best foods for body building


What to eat to build muscle

What should be eaten to make good health or body, it keeps going on in every person’s mind. Especially in the minds of people who do gym, it is always in their mind what to eat so that a quick body can be created quickly. Today we will answer your question in this post what to eat to build muscle – Best Foods For Body Building.


When it comes to bodybuilding, people rush towards Exercise. That’s right, we will be able to exercise only then we can make Muscles. But wait, have you ever done a little research on Bodybuilding? Have you asked any Body Builder how they made such a strong body? Probably not.

So we will answer your questions on what to eat to build muscle your body later, first, we want to tell you some important things. And this is that the first thing required to make a body is not your exercise, but your diet. Exercise comes at number two, in order to build a good body, the body must first eat foods rich in nutrients.

Before telling the truth, you used to think the same before today, that only by exercising strong, the body goes body? There is no shortage of such boys in our country who work hard every day. Whether they are doing at home or in the gym. Have you ever thought that even after working so hard, why the body of them all could not be formed?

Because those people do not have such a budget to take a bodybuilding diet. To make a body, you have to eat plenty of protein, which is very expensive. Just here, those poor people get weak. Try to understand the matter, Protein is the most important thing in this area.

What to eat to build muscle a good health or body

Don’t you believe that if just by exercising, a good body could be built, then today every third fourth boy in the country would be a good bodybuilder. We are trying to convince you that if you want to build a good body, then you have to spend money.

Body Building is an expensive game in which you have to spend money continuously on your body. Because you have to eat such things continuously which contains Protein, Multivitamins and Healthy Fat. When it comes to carbs, you have to eat less carbohydrate items in this line. Or you can take Complex Carbs.

If your budget is right and you are ready to spend money too. So we also tell you what to eat to build muscle a good body or health, and how much protein you will get by eating that thing. But we want to tell you one thing in advance.

Here we will mention all the Body Building Foods, it is not necessary that you eat them all. No one will be able to eat all the things. You have to choose 3-5 good things from these according to your desire, taste and availability. Our motive for telling so many things is that you just get to know what are the beneficial things in making a body.

  What to Eat to Build Muscle – Best Foods for Body Building

1.Banana – Most people who start bodybuilding have very little stamina. Due to which they get tired very quickly while doing workouts. So, people who are just starting, they should definitely eat at least 2 or 3 bananas daily for the first 6 months. If possible, eat banana 30 minutes before starting your workout.

banana - what to eat build muscle

Note: Banana is an instant energizing fruit and its energy will play a very important role in your workout. If you are also very thin and want to have a good body, then bananas will prove to be a boon for you. Do not eat more bananas if you are already too fat.

2. Soybean – Soybean is a very good answer for those who keep asking what to eat to build a body. Soyabean is the only thing in which you get the most Protein at the lowest price. Do you know that 100 grams of soybean seeds contain 30 to 35 grams of Protein.

soybean - what to eat build muscle

Note: Think so much protein will be found elsewhere so cheaply. Soybeans are even better for those who appear thin and weak. It works to increase your muscle mass. You should definitely eat 50 grams of soaked soybeans every morning. You will get the best results in a few days.

3.Sweet potato – You must have heard that if you have a lean body, you should boil potatoes and eat them. But let us tell you that if you eat sweet potato instead of potato, you will be able to increase your weight very quickly and create a good health.

sweet potato - what to eat build muscle

Note: You get vitamin C, beta carotene, fiber and manganese by eating sweet potato. This will work to make your build body. This thing must be kept in mind. Regularly use it only by people who workout daily.

4.Eggs – There is hardly any good bodybuilder who does not eat eggs. Whenever it comes to bodybuilding, the name of the egg comes in the list of 5 Best Foods For Body Building. Eggs are easily available everywhere and eating eggs is not out of your budget. You must eat at least 5 eggs every day.

egg - what to eat build muscle

To make good Muscles, at least 5 eggs are required daily. Eat 3 eggs in the morning and 2 eggs in the evening after exercise. You get the best quality protein from eggs. By eating 1 egg you get about 6 grams of Protein. 80% of the entire protein of the egg is in its white part.

5. Brown Rice – To make a body, you must include brown rice in your diet. You do not get any such benefit by eating white rice, on the opposite your stomach comes out. But brown rice is very beneficial for health, because it contains nutritious elements in good quantity.brown rice - what to eat build muscle

Note: Brown rice is a very good option for your body to supply carbs. Protein is also found in very good amounts in them. They play an important role in maintaining energy throughout the day. If you take them before your workout i.e. in the afternoon then you will get a lot of benefit.

6. Chicken and Mutton – If you eat Non-Veg, you do not need to ask anyone what to eat to build muscle. Both of these things will provide you with a lot of nutritious ingredients. These play an important role in muscle development and repair of damaged cells.

Chicken and Mutton - what to eat to build muscle

It is needless to say that a lot of Protein is found in both of them. Anyway, Animal Protein is considered much better and stronger than other proteins. But try to eat without skin when you eat chicken. Similarly, if you eat boiled mutton then it will prove more powerful and beneficial than Fried Mutton.

7. Kale (Karam Saag), cauliflower, spinach, and pulses – all these things fall under the category of vegetables and can help a lot in health. Because we have told you above that along with Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals are also needed to make a body. All these things do not allow their deficiency in our body.

Kale (Karam Saag), cauliflower, spinach, and pulses

Which accelerates our body growth. Many people will not know about Kale, in fact, it is like mustard leaves. It is also called Karam Saag, it is very nutritious. In the same way, a lot of Protein and all kinds of Vitamins Minerals are available in cauliflower and all kinds of pulses.

8. Fish – Eating fish can make your body progress very fast. All types of nutritional elements are found in fish. Especially you must have heard the name of Salmon fish, which is the most favorite food of the bodybuilders. Protein is found in very high amounts in it.

salmon fish

Notes: Not only this, vitamin B, omega 3 and DHA are found in it. You might not know that eating salmon fish starts losing the fat inside your body. Because it burns extra fat. That is why people who make Lean Body use it exclusively.

9. Almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts – Almond, cashew nuts and walnuts are the next names in body foods. Not only will you get good quality protein from these three, but you will also be able to reduce your excess fat. You can eat them as Snacks anytime, just remember that you have to eat at the limit.

Almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts

Along with Protein, you get Vitamin B, E, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Fiber and Healthy Fat. By using them, your desire to take a carbs diet also reduces, so that you will be able to create a body without fat. You can use them daily before breakfast and after lunch at around 4 pm.

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10. Paneer – You get a good amount of Protein from Paneer. Apart from this, you get vitamin B12 and calcium. It makes your muscles grow as well as bones. You already know how important it is to have strong bones for bodybuilding.paneer - what to eat to build muscle

People who are slim and thin should eat paneer. This will not only fill their body but will also develop their muscles. You can eat paneer in any way. You can use it as a vegetable or you can also eat it raw. Fat is found slightly higher in raw paneer.

11. Milk – Bodybuilding cannot be talked about without milk. Milk is rich in Protein and can be digested easily. To build a strong body, you must drink at least 1 liter milk every day in the beginning. You can drink it in 2 times. Half morning and half night, half an hour before bedtime.

Milk always keeps protein levels high in your body, which leads to muscle development. But never drink sugar mixed in milk. By doing this, fat will slowly start to build up in your body.

12. Tofu – Eat Tofu to make a good body, it contains a lot of protein. Eating this helps you a lot in Muscles Recovery. The special thing is that by eating this you do not get too many calories.


Eating 100 grams of Tofu gives you only about 75 calories. It works very well in developing muscles and strengthening them. You must have seen an interview of many Body Builders in which they told that those people use Tofu. It is also a favorite of Vidyut Jamwaal and John Abrahm.

13. Buttermilk – If you still have a desire in your mind to know what to eat to make a body, then you also drink buttermilk. You people may find this thing very simple. But believe it, it can also contribute a lot to making a body. If no one has milk available then buttermilk is best for them.

Drinking buttermilk gives you a good amount of protein. For the information you tell people, to make Whey Protein Supplements, Buttermilk ie whey is used. So do not forget to take it lightly. Another special thing, it is the most easily digested protein.

14. Gram – gram is very powerful. The nutritious elements in it are filled with the code. There is no deficiency of Protein in gram, it also works to make our body flexible due to which the muscles start forming quickly. A significant amount of fiber is also found in gram. It makes your digestive system strong.

By soaking a little gram regularly, you get plenty of power. Black gram is even more powerful. But if you do not have it available, then it does not matter. The biggest thing is that by eating gram, our Stamina increases to a great extent in a very short time.


Note: These were some of the best muscles, bodybuilding foods, by which you can create a body in a very short time. You do not need to eat all these things. You can sort 3-4 of these things as per your choice and include them in your diet.

After a few days you will get to see a very good change in yourself. Set one thing in your mind that if you want to make a body, then every 2 to two and a half hours you have to eat something healthy. Only then you will be able to develop Muscles fast and continuously.


You were reading our post What to eat to build muscle – Best Foods For Body Building. Hopefully, you must have been clear which are the diet that makes the body. If you like the information, then please like and share the post. To connect with us, like our Facebook page and subscribe to us.


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