If these symptoms are seen in the body, then understand that you have a thyroid.

Symptoms of thyroid disease

 thyroid symptoms

If these symptoms are seen in the body, then understand that you have a thyroid.

The thyroid is one of the endocrine glands found in the human body. The thyroid gland is made in two parts above the respiratory tract in the neck and on both sides of the larynx. Its shape is like a butterfly. It makes a hormone called thyroxine. Due to which the body’s energy loss, protein production, and sensitivity to other hormones are controlled.

Usually, in the initial stages, any symptoms of thyroid are not easily detected, because a small lump in the neck is considered normal. As long as it is taken seriously, it takes a terrible form. So we need to know about the initial symptoms of thyroid. Let us know what are the symptoms of this disease.

 symptoms of thyroid

Initial symptoms of thyroid

CONSTIPATION – Constipation starts when thyroid occurs. There is difficulty in digesting food. Also, food does not easily come down the throat. Bodyweight is also affected.

HANDS AND FEET REMAIN COLD – A man’s hands and feet are always cold when thyroid occurs. The human body temperature is normal i.e. 98.4 ° F (37 ° C), but still, his body and hands and feet remain cold.

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Weak immunity – Thyroid weakens the immunity of the body. Due to a weak immune system, he suffers from many diseases.

Fatigue – Symptoms of thyroid include early fatigue. His body remains sluggish. He becomes lazy and the energy of the body begins to dissipate.

DRYING OF THE SKIN – The skin of a person suffering from thyroid begins to dry. Dryness in the skin. The damage to the cells of the upper part of the skin starts due to which the skin becomes dry.

TO HAVE A COLD – A man starts having a cold when he has thyroid. It is different from the normal cold and does not cure.

DEPRESSION– Man or woman is always in depression when having thyroid problems. The mind is not involved in any of its work, the power of thinking and understanding of the mind becomes weak. The missing metal also becomes weak.

HAIR LOSS– On thyroid, a man’s hair starts falling and baldness starts. At the same time, his barking hair also starts falling.

MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN– Muscle and joint pain as well as weakness can be symptoms of thyroid problems.

FAMILY HISTORY– If someone in your family has a thyroid problem, then you are more likely to have thyroid.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL DEVELOPMENT– Physical and mental development slows down when there is a problem of the thyroid.



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