Bent over row Exercise Benefits

Bent over row Exercise

Bent over row exercise is considered to be a good back exercise. This is a workout that creates tension on the shoulder with the back.

‘Pushing’ and ‘pulling’ are two techniques of exercise by which different muscles of the body are targeted and exercised. Most of the pushing exercises have an effect on the muscles in front of the body such as the chest, shoulders as well as triceps. On the other hand, all exercises related to pulling develop the back parts of the body. This includes all of the posterior muscles as well as biceps. Since the muscles behind the body are not visible to us, most people ignore these exercises. However, it is important to note here that such exercises are very essential for the overall development of the body. From another point of view, if your back muscles are developed and shapely, then the fitting of your clothes is good, which has an effect on your personality.

Bent-over row exercise is one such exercise to give a better shape to the back muscles and keep them healthy. By doing this exercise regularly and with the right technique, the back can be given a ‘V shape’ which is desired by every athlete. The muscles of the back also help your hands to function properly. Using the wing muscles on either side of the spine helps to stretch the arms, lift or pull something.

During this practice, the back and arms are used to keep the body stable. It is also said that you do the same amount of both pulling and pushing exercises so that the front and back muscles of the body remain in balance.

Benefits of Bent Over Row Exercise

Exercises such as bent-over row exercise most of the muscle groups related to the back and shoulders. Upward weight lifting exercises strengthen your arms and torso, improving functional strength. Both barbells or dumbbells can be used to perform this exercise. Performing bent-over row exercises has the following advantages.

  • The upper body gets strength.
  • Pull-ups and lat pulldown workouts are easy to do.
  • Good physical stability and grip of hands.
  • Body posture is improved, along problems like back pain can be relieved.

The right way to exercise bent over row

For this exercise, you have to take a position where your back is almost parallel to the ground. To avoid injury during exercise, first of all, do warm-up and light back exercises. There are some exercises like chest expansion, pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, and arm rotation which is quite beneficial in activating and stretching the back muscles.

Which muscles affect

Which devices are required
One barbell or a pair of dumbbells/kettlebells

Who can do this exercise
Intermediate (trainee level people)

Set and Raps
4 sets of 15 rap

How to do dumbbell exercise with one hand

Keeping your left foot on the bench, hold the bench firmly with the left hand. Keep the back straight.
Keep your right leg firmly fixed on the ground.
Hold the dumbbell while moving your right hand forward. Keep the arm straight.
Keeping your back perfectly straight, bend your right hand with the elbow and bring it backward.
Move the elbow backward, while keeping it close to the body. Hold for a few seconds.
Slowly bring the dumbbell back to the starting position. This is rap.

Practice a variety of high-intensity exercises of Bent-over Row to increase your workout capacity.

Double arm dumbbell row: In this exercise, hold the dumbbell in both hands and repeat the ‘one-handed dumbbell row’ exercise. You do not need to use the bench for this exercise.

Barbell Row: Hold Barbell with overhand or underhand grip as per your convenience. Now bring the barbell upwards to the middle part of the body.

Machine Row: This machine is usually present in every gym and fitness center. During this exercise with the machine, rest your torso on the seat. Hold the handle in both hands and then pull the weight towards you and slowly release it back.

Tips: Do not pressurize your hands to lift weights. Instead, use your lats (back of the lungs) to get the most out of the exercise.

Mistakes during Bent Over Row Exercise

Performing and mastering exercises like Bent Over Row is not easy. Knowing unknown people make many mistakes during this practice. The following are the commonly occurring mistakes during Bent Over Row exercise. You should take care of them.

  • Talk about this exercise done with one hand, during this time one part of the body is bent, while the other part is exercising. During exercise, some people take their elbows far back. It needs to be noted here that you have to take your elbow up to your back, not too far back.
  • While moving the dumbbell backward, some people use the extra motion to wave the dumbbell by hand, this can also cause injury. The more stable the body is, the more the exercise will affect the muscles.
  • Your legs play an important role during this exercise. So keep your feet stable throughout the exercise. Some people may complain of back pain while exercising. This is why high-intensity exercises are necessary to keep the back in good shape and keep their muscles healthy. Such exercises should always be done under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Those who already have back or shoulder pain are advised not to do this exercise. Do consult your doctor before doing any exercise.


Exercises such as Bent Over Row exercise help to maintain balance in the front and back muscles of the body along with developing the back muscles. Not all pull-ups or lat pulldowns can develop all back muscles. Exercises of different angles are required to target different muscle groups.
Complete caution should be exercised during exercise. Exercise under the supervision of an instructor. People who already have back or shoulder pain, such people should not do this exercise without a doctor’s and trainer’s advice.


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