How to increase height naturally with exercise and diet

How to increase height naturally

By now you have learned about all the ways to lose weight and gain weight, but people have to face this problem as well. Many people are worried about their small height. A good height is required in services like police, modeling, and military.

By the way, the problem of height in children is genetic. Whose parents are tall, their children are also tall but if a little hard work is done then everyone can be tall.

If your height is small then you can adapt yourself according to your height. Yes, here we are telling you some such exercises to increase the height, by which you will not only be able to grow tall but also remain fit. Even if we are over 21 years old, we can also enlarge our body with the help of Exercise.

Everyone wants that his height is good and if the height does not increase in time, then it is natural for him to be a little upset. To reduce some of this problem, today we are sharing this article by Sachin Singh written with you, which tells us the measures to increase height. Let’s know the exercises to increase height.


Running is an excellent exercise for the whole body. This keeps the weight under control. Running strengthens your legs, waist, and reed bones and muscles. Which helps in increasing the body length.


For this, an iron pipe or wooden stick is tied about 7 feet above the ground. You can also put a thick tree or any hanging part in the house. Regular exercise of pull-up bar to good exercise of reed bone, abdomen, chest, and foot muscles. A Pull-up bar is a very useful exercise to increase height. It should be practiced regularly.


Jump Rope

Some people find it very easy to jump rope, while some are very afraid of it. However, gradually you will get used to it, then this exercise is the best and simplest way to increase the height.

Jump rope not only controls weight. Rather, it is also considered a very useful workout to growth height. The muscles of the waist, back, feet, and hands become more strong. There is a twitch in the spinal cord which helps to increase height.


Swimming increases your height also keeps you fit. This is considered the best exercise.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

How to do Tadasana?

  • Tadasana is very easy to practice. To get the most out of it
  • You have to do it with the right method.
  • First of all, you should stand up and keep your neck and waist straight.
  • Now put your hand over the head and while breathing, slowly pull the entire body.
  • Feel the stretch from toe to toe.
  • Keep this state for some time and breathe out.
  • Then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands and body to the first position.
  • A cycle completed in this way
  • At least practice it 5 to 6 times.

It is a very good exercise to increase height, it takes your entire body stretch. Which helps a lot in increasing your height.

Regular workout of Tadasana exercises the entire body and pulls the muscles of the spine, shoulders, and chest. The muscles of the feet are strong. It helps in increasing the length.

2. Forward bend exerciseForward bend exercise

You will stand with both your hands back and your knees will not bend at all, in which you will try to touch the hands of the torso.

This exercise is to be held for 10 seconds. You should do this exercise 5-6 In this, your spine muscle completely pulls. Only when the spine muscle is pulled will your height increase.

This is also the best exercise to do Height Increase

3. Cobra PoseCobra Pose

You take a mat. In this exercise, first, take the position of push-ups and then move upwards while lifting your claw. You will keep your arms straight. You should feel your waist as much as possible. Hold this position for 10 to 12 seconds and do this exercise 5 times.



What I have told these 3 exercises, Height Increase works. If you do this routine, then take 15-20 minutes for this exercise. You can also do this exercise at home easily. If your age is below 21 years. You will get a 100% result.

Diet for Increasing Height

Balanced and nutritious food is very important for the correct growth and increases the height of the body. Follow diet rules to increase the height –

a) Take rich protein

To increase height, it is necessary to take food rich in protein. Protein is found in plenty of meat, fish, soybeans, peanuts, pulses, etc.

b) Mineral salts are necessary

Regular intake of mineral salts like calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium is necessary to increase height. Mineral salts are found in plenty in green vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, yogurt, buttermilk, etc.

c) Take plenty of vitamins

It is very important to have a balanced amount of vitamins A, B, C, D, and other vitamins in the diet for proper growth and good height of the body. For this, take a regular intake of milk, curd, sprouted grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.

d) Don’t be hungry

Being hungry or missing your mealtime harms the growth of the body. Divide the whole day’s diet in 5-6 times. This improves the metabolism of the body. There is no accumulation of fat on the body and the chances of increasing the increased height




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