How Salman Khan Being Human Foundation Started, Know Its Interesting Love Story

Salman Khan Being Human

Salman Khan turns 55 on 27 December. Known for his generosity, Salman runs a charity called Being Human. This foundation was formed in 2007. It is said that Salman used to see his parents helping others since childhood, due to which he moved towards charity and he laid this foundation

What does the foundation

Salman Khan Being Human provides financial help to the health and education of children including all the diseases and difficult times.

Salman khan being human has so far spent crores of rupees on children’s health, heart surgery, and education through Salman Being Human.

What is the foundation’s revenue model?

This foundation works on a separate revenue model. Instead of receiving donations from people, money is raised by selling Salman khan Being Human clothes online and at stores. Some percentage of sales is spent to help the destitute. Money comes to Being Human by selling clothes, for which it has a tie-up with Mandhana Industry Limited. According to Mandhana’s Annual Report, the company has a total of 17 Being Human stores, 6 franchise outlets, 99 stores-in-stores, 60 distributors, and 100 international outlets, which sell clothes for Being Human.

Salman Khan being human himself promotes

Ever since the foundation was established, Salman himself has taken up the task of promoting it. He appears on most occasions in the clothes of Being Human. Even the gifts of Being Human are gifted to their friends and close ones. Many times Bollywood stars have also been seen promoting fashion dresses in which many Bollywood stars have walked the ramp.



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