Best 5 home chest workout for men & women

Home chest workout :- Do you also want a chest like a bodybuilder? But do not worry if you do not have enough time to go to the gym for this. Apart from going to the gym, there are many exercises that can help you increase your chest size at home and get a good looking chest.


 Home chest workout for men & women

Going to the gym or lifting heavy equipment is not the only way to increase chest. You can increase your chest by doing some exercises at home and become the owner of an attractive body. You can get a good body at home by following the exercises given below. Exercise chest growth regularly and pay full attention to diet.

Home chest workout

Push ups exercise

Push ups is an exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime. For this, all you will need is a small place where you can create your position, and you are ready to push up. Push ups affect a group of muscles simultaneously. This strengthens not only your chest but also your core. Doing this exercise will give you better results.

1.Regular push ups

Push ups are considered the easiest type. If you are new then you should start it first. For regular push ups, keep both your hands on the ground, keeping your waist straight. Now bend your elbows and bring your chest near the floor and return to the same position. Do this 15-12 times. Next, take a few moments break and start again. You have to put at least 4 sets of it.

Regular push up exercise

Regular push up exercise

2.Decline Push up

Decline push ups are a very good exercise in chest boost exercises. To do this, you have to keep your feet at a height of 1 foot from the ground and just like regular push up, you have to bring your chest near the ground. But to make it more effective, when you move your body downwards, move slowly and when you come upwards fast. Set 4 of this as well. This will make your chest and shoulder beautiful and powerful.

decline push up exercise

decline push up exercise

3.Diamond Push Up

Diamond push up are a bit harder, but the results are better than others. In this, you keep your hands very close to some kind of diamond-like posture. Then go downward like every push up and return to the same position. Repeat this 15-12 times. Try to apply 4 sets of it. Close proximity to the arms makes this workout challenging. Therefore its results are also much better than others. It also increases triceps.

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4.Wide Push Up

In this, you have to keep your hands slightly away. It puts all your pressure on your chest. And due to full weight on the chest, the chest develops well. For this, keep your hands away and move your body down and then come back. Remember to keep your position correct while doing all these push up. Do as much as you can. Do not overdo anything.


5.Plyometric push up

This is an excellent exercise for the upper body. To do this, first of all make a regular push-up position and slowly move your body towards the floor. When you come upstairs, apply so much force with your hands that your hands should rise above the floor and get into the air. And then as soon as you come down, repeat it immediately.

While doing all these exercises, remember that you should do according to your ability. Try not to stress too much. After exercising one day, take a day’s rest and exercise again the next day. Relaxation is very important for a good body. Challenge your body every day and try to do better than before.

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