10 Personal hygiene tips for women

Since childhood, we have mostly been taught about personal hygiene habits. Habits are taught at a very young age, from cleaning your teeth to bathing, washing hands before eating, and wearing clean clothes. And these habits become a regular part of life. But these habits do not end here. In fact, adults need to be more aware of hygiene to stay healthy and disease-free.

When it comes to personal hygiene, many of us are making mistakes regarding general hygiene and we are not even aware of it. Here are some notable habits that can cause more harm than good. Let’s know some mistakes regarding personal hygiene that we need to stop.

Personal hygiene is essential for both men and women. Every woman’s body undergoes many changes over time. Generally, the habit of personal hygiene should be included in everyone’s daily lifestyle. At the same time, if you are a woman, there are many things that every woman has to face in her life during and after the period circle or pregnancy.

Personal hygiene is not just for a day or some time, so if women do not take care of their personal hygiene and hygiene then they have to suffer from infection and serious diseases. Therefore, women need to take special care of their personal hygiene every day. Rather, women should take special care of it every day. Personal hygiene should not only be adopted in the disciplined form at home, but special care should be taken of the matters related to it at the office and every place and place of visit. Let’s know some tips for personal hygiene.

Why is personal hygiene important?


We are surrounded by bacteria and harmful germs everywhere. These germs may not be visible to the naked eye but are mainly responsible for some harmful diseases or infections. These bacteria are most common in home kitchens, in bathrooms, and in places like water use. At the same time, we work with many other people at the office or workplace, whose proximity increases the risk of such germs even more.


By following which rules can you take care of personal hygiene?


Here are some rules and methods to maintain the personal hygiene of women, which is very important for every woman in order to maintain cleanliness. For this, women should keep in mind the following things-

1.Keeping yourself clean

Whether you are at home or in the office, the place where you sleep or sit, always keep it clean. Your skin and vagina itself secrete liquid that maintains pH levels. These natural oils and liquids are necessary to keep these organs of the body healthy. Therefore, to cleanse this natural secretion, you should not use cosmetics available in the market much. You can also clean it with ordinary water and milk soap.

2.Do bathe every day.

Millions of bacteria can attack our skin every day. Take a bath every day to avoid them. The bacteria that survive on our sweat and skin cells continue to grow every day, which also causes bad odor from the body. Therefore, daily bathing is very important. Also keep in mind that one should always use a mild soap or mild facewash for bathing, and care should be taken while cleaning the private parts of the body. Mild soap or mild facewash will clean bacteria from the body and also protect the skin.

3.vaginal odor

It is very common if the vagina smells. Do not be disturbed by this smell. To overcome this, you can take the advice of a good doctor or even use mild products. Nor should you use highly chemical things to get rid of it. But if this smell is very strong, then you should consult a doctor.


4.Remedy for smell coming from the body:


Every woman has her own personal smell and it does not spoil at all. This smell is natural. You use deodorant etc. to scent yourself but it can be harmful to your body. Therefore, use anti-bacterial wash while bathing.


5.Stay active during periods

During periods, women have unbearable pain in their body and lower back. However, every woman should pay more attention to her hygiene during periods. Many women feel a lot of dirt during this period, even after cleaning the vagina repeatedly. The pad should be changed every four to six hours even if the blood flow is low. Before using a new pad, Vagina should be thoroughly cleaned with clean water. To clean the Vagina, one should never use soap or other chemical-rich things. This can cause bad bacteria to reach inside the vagina. Light hot water and good liquid can be used to clean the vagina.


6.Use Hair shampoo and conditioning


Clean the hair at least two to three times a week with good quality mild shampoos and conditioners. You can use mild hot water to wash hair but do not use too much hot water.


7.Wash face two to three times daily

Clean the face after getting up and using a mild or alcohol-free cleanser every day before sleeping.


8.Take care of sexual hygiene

During sexual activity, many couples do not pay attention to sexual hygiene. Many problems can arise from this. Keep in mind also personal hygiene. To avoid sexually transmitted diseases during sex, follow the tips given below-

  • Keep sweat and bacteria away from your genitals, that is, always pay attention to the cleanliness of the genitals.
  • To keep the genitals clean, clean them daily with intimate wash while bathing. After this, clean by adding antiseptic water.
  • Always keep the pubic hair clean. Due to a lack of proper cleaning, there may be boils and bacterial infections.
  • Do not wear wet undergarments. This can increase the chances of skin rashes and infections.
  • Also, avoid wearing clothing like tight underwear, skin fit jeans for a long time. Wearing tight clothes is not able to remove sweat and this helps the bacteria to thrive.


9.Mouth cleaning

Maintenance of oral hygiene can prevent many serious diseases like heart diseases etc. Therefore, take special care of oral hygiene in personal hygiene, clean your teeth twice a day. Also, do not stench from the mouth. Use good mouthwash for this.


10. It is necessary to take a bath after a workout

Exercise is necessary to stay fit, it is equally important to pay attention to personal hygiene after exercise. Do you know that if you do not take a bath after a workout you are making a big mistake? Bathing after exercise becomes necessary to remove the smell of sweat. This kills the bacteria present on the skin.


Keep in mind that after bathing, dry the body properly and only then wear clothes and change undergarments every day. If he gets wet with sweat or gets wet for any reason, change it immediately. Also, you can keep a small hygiene kit in your purse while going out of the house. In which a small mirror, deodorant, comb, hand sanitizer, and mouth freshener can be carried. Include it in your travel kit. This will make it easier for you to maintain personal hygiene while traveling.



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