Daily bathing in winter season can be harmful for health

Daily bathing in winter season can be harmful

This news may be good for those who steal from bathing during the winter season. Skin experts from all over the world say that daily bathing can cause damage to our skin.

These days, it is cold all over the country. Some people are heating a fire to avoid the outbreak of cold, while some people are shying away from bathing. People who do not bathe daily in winter also have to hear a lot of good and bad from others. Some people make fun and some give strange taunts. Now there is good news for people who do not bathe in the winter season. Now nobody will be able to hear you taunt on a bath.


Research on bathing in winter

In recent research, it has been found that daily bathing in winter can be harmful to health. For people who do not bathe daily in winter, this news is no less than good news. Know what things have come up about the daily bath in winter.


No need to bathe daily in winter- Research

According to Boston Ranchologist Dr. Ranella, there is no need to bathe daily in winter. He said that the skin has the ability to clean itself. If you do not sweat and you do not go into dust, dirt, then you do not need to bathe daily in winter.


Daily bathing in winter makes skin dry

Research has revealed that bathing with hot water daily in winter causes dry skin. Bathing in hot water removes natural oils, due to which the skin starts to crack.


Good bacteria are removed by bathing

According to research, our skin (Skin) also produces some good bacteria (bacteria), due to which the skin remains healthy. Bathing daily also removes good bacteria from the body, due to which the immune system has a bad effect.


Nail damage

Bathing with hot water every day also damages your nails. At the time of bathing, your nails absorb water, then become soft and break. Their natural oil also comes out, which makes them dry and weak.


Waste water

If you think of social concerts more than personal, then daily bathing also causes wastage of water. According to a study, 55 liters of water is wasted daily in a person’s bath. Even if you take a shower, it is a waste of water.


Immunity also affects

According to science, if you bathe daily in this season, then immunity is also reducing. Dermatologists around the world believe that daily bathing during the winter season not will be beneficial. Excessive bathing can damage our skin.

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