‘Make Immunity system a defense shield’ to fight and protect the Coronavirus

Make immunity system a defense shield’ to fight Coronavirus

The number of corona infected patients in the country has started coming to more than four lakhs daily. In this era of epidemic, wearing masks, adopting social distancing, washing hands frequently and using sanitizers is not only necessary but it is also necessary to strengthen your immunity, as people with weak immunity soon fall into the grip of infection and they take a long time to recover

In such a situation, following a healthy diet is very important. Ensure intake of foods that help increase immunity. For this dietician plant foods recommend eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes which are rich in anti-oxidants.

Along with this, decoction is also said to be effective in increasing immunity. By following the guidelines of the Healthy Diet and Health Department, we can compete with Corona, Punjab Kesari spoke to the Chief Chest Specialist, Doctor of Medicine and Dietician.

According to experts, vitamin-C, vitamin-D, and vitamin zinc are important for strengthening the immunity system even after prevention and recovery from corona.

It is better that a doctor should be consulted if there is any complication.

How to make effective brew

It is necessary to have cinnamon, dry ginger or ginger, basil, dry grape, black pepper to make the decoction. Make a mixture of all these things. Boil the mixture well by putting half to one teaspoon of the mixture in a glass of water. When the water remains half, take it off the flame. When it cools down, drink it little by little.

The decoction not only removes colds, colds, but also strengthens the immunity system to fight the virus.


Vitamin-C’s role in Corona’s war

From the first wave of corona to now, experts believe that in addition to getting medical treatment in the war of corona, the use of food containing vitamin-C can be helpful. In addition to vitamin C pills, you should include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet.

Orange: In addition to 88 percent vitamin C in oranges, minerals like fiber, thiamine, calcium and potassium are also found in plenty and orange is full of anti-oxidant elements.


Lemon: – It is shown from research that strong disinfectant power is found in lemons. This disease increases immunity. Vitamin C is found in plenty in lemon.

Amla: – Amla should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning with sugar candy or jaggery. Not only will it increase immunity, it is also beneficial in acid bile, hiccups, vomiting, blood bile liver weakness, jaundice and constipation.amla

Guava: – Guava contains 4 times more vitamin C than orange. Apart from this, the anti-oxidant element and potassium found in it keeps the body away from infection.


– Kiwi fruit is a treasure house of Vitamins and Minerals. Compared to lemons and oranges, kiwi contains almost twice the amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidants are also found in it. This fruit balances the acids and alkalins in the body, which removes excessive amounts of acid in the body.kiwi

Why Vitamin D is important?

According to a study, more than 79% of the population in the country suffers from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is soluble, pro-hormones, and in bone metabolism Plays an important role. This is needed to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphate in the blood. In addition, vitamin D is an important element that improves immunity. Therefore, after exposure to corona infection, it is very important to come in contact with sun in addition to fruits filled with vitamin D for protection.

This way Combat vitamin D deficiency.

Up to 90% of vitamin D is obtained through exposure to the sun. When ultraviolet B rays of the sun fall on our body, cholesterol is produced from the cholesterol inside the body.
It is of two types. First vitamin D-3 which is found in many animals including fish. The second is D-2, which is found in plants such as mushrooms.
Apart from this, cow’s milk, oatmeal, juices, oranges and egg whites are rich in vitamin D. Everyone needs at least 10 to 20 micrograms of vitamin D daily. For this, vitamin D supplementation can be taken on the advice of the doctor.

  • In addition to vitamin B, protein, choline and sennelian, eggs are found in plenty of zinc.
  • Good source of meats, lobster, pork chop line and dark meat zinc.
  • Milk, yogurt and cheese are rich in zinc. Nutrient proteins, calcium and vitamin D are also found in it.
  • Beans and lentils are rich in zinc. Diet is recommended to include beans, beans and soybeans.

Importance of zinc in the manufacture of antibodies

Zinc plays an important role in the smooth conduction of signals and antibody formation between cells involved in the immunity system.
Therefore, it is advisable to take vitamin zinc to fight and protect against the corona virus. By taking zinc supplements, the immunity system is able to control the initial state of infection and disease.


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