Full Day Indain Diet Plan For Weight Gain

Friends, If you are trying to gain weight but your weight gain is not happening then this article is for you. What should you eat from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night so that the weight is gain? I will tell you clearly in this article full day Indian diet plan for weight gain.

I will give you many options for every mile so that you do not get bored eating a single meal every day. This diet is very easy and practical. If you have followed this diet for 15 days, then you will see visible results.

Full day Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain


You have to drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Have to drink 2-3 glasses of water, without mixing anything. You can also drink normal water, it will be better that you drink lukewarm water so that the stomach is clear of it.

After freshening, I will suggest oil pulling

Note: according to Ayurveda, people who have a dry body within (Vatatype) find it very difficult to put on weight.

Oil Pulling Technique

The oil pulling technique is very effective for him/her. To do this system, take 1-2 teaspoons of coconut, sesame, or olive oil in the morning. Keep this oil in the mouth and rolling throughout the mouth. Keep in mind that you just keep filling the oil in the mouth, don’t drink it. The oil starts to dilute by continuously moving the oil in the mouth. Spit it out after 10 to 15 minutes when the oil becomes thin. With this, all kinds of bacteria and toxins present in your mouth are easily flushed out with oil. Now brush and clean your mouth well.

After brushing…

Get ready for breakfast after brushing. There is no need to eat too much for weight gain. Rather, food has to be eaten in the right combination. (instead of eating Ayurveda teaches us to eat the right combination of food at the right time to gain weight fast.)

Diet Plan for weight gain

like I will suggest to breakfast

1. Milk porridge (Milk Daliya) – (Natural oats or whole wheat Porridge (Daliya).
– You can also eat 4-5 soaked almonds.

Milk porridge

2. Sometimes you can eat these Oats/Daliya by roasting them in ghee and adding seasonal vegetables.


3.Moong dal Dosa – Moong dal dosa can also be eaten by adding potatoes or paneer and vegetables.Moong dal dosa


4. paranthas with curd or butter – If you like parathas then definitely eat them with curd or butter.paranthas with curd or butter

5. whole wheat bread sandwiched with vegetables or potatoes.

6.  Chickpeas spinach egg bhurji – If you eat eggs, you can eat boiled chickpeas and egg bhurji.

7. plain parantha with egg bhurji or omelet – You can also eat Palin Parantha with Egg Bhurji which has 2 Whole Egg 3 Egg White or Panner’s Bhurji. Just keep in mind that Whole grains have to be eaten. Maida should stay away from white bread.

 Indian Diet Plan Weight Gain


After 2 to 3 hours – 11 AM

After 2 to 3 hours you can eat snacks. You can eat fruit as a snack. The fruit is a very good option.

  • Two banana
  • 5-6 dates –   You can also have milk if you are hungry
  • Banana shake or mango shake
  • banana peanut butter roti
  • boiled chana chaat
  • sprouts

You can follow any of these snack options


Now let’s come to lunch, it is very simple for lunch, which is often made in Indian homes. nothing fancy, eat home-cooked food. Eat roti along with rice some seasonal curry or daal. According to Ayurveda, the simple rule of weight gain is to eat roti and rice together. Make both roti and rice for your lunch. Do not forget to add ghee to the roti and vegetable (curry). chickpeas (chole), black gram, Kidney bean (rajma), black lentils, jackfruit vegetable, paneer help all this in weight gain. If you are non-vegetarian then you can eat egg curry, chicken along with bread and rice. End your lunch with buttermilk. Drink a little pepper, salt, and cumin in the buttermilk. buttermilk instantly cools the digestive tract ( Must-have for people having weak digestion). Sometimes sweet buttermilk can also be drunk.

Evening Snack

Now let’s talk about this evening snack, we often eat something upside-down like samosa, Kachori, or burger. It is definitely high food. will get weight gain but healthy will not be weight gain. Only the stomach will come out, it sometimes runs.

Don’t worry, I’m telling you a healthy snack. You can eat 1 to 3 handfuls of roasted grams and 1 handful roasted peanut/unsalted peanuts together Or you can eat some fruit again. Can eat seasonal fruits. You can drink a banana shake or mix a banana in curd and add black pepper on it. You can also eat a little gram of chaat. You can also eat banana peanut butter roti. You can also eat Whole Bread Egg Omelette.

  • 100gm Roasted grams and Unsalted peanut handfulfull day indain diet plan for weight gain
  • Any seasonal fruits
  • Banana shake
  • Add a banana to the curd and add some black pepper and eat it.
  • Banana peanut butter roti
  • chana chaat
  • Whole Bread Egg Omelette


If you want fast results to increase weight gain then do the workout. When you workout What you are eating will feel in your body. Go to a regular gym. If you cannot go to the gym, you can do workouts at home. And my next article will be on full-body workouts. Take 1 scoop of protein in water after the workout. If you cannot take protein then you can eat 4-5 eggs white after workouts.

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Now, come to dinner, the friends who discussed lunch options are almost all valid. The same roti, any vegetable or lentils with rice. Just keep a few things in mind.

Keep in Mind

  1. Keep dinner lighter as compared to lunch.
  2. add black pepper, bay leaf while making rice.
  3. Avoid cold foods
  4. Add 1 teaspoon ghee


Before Bad – 30 minutes before

Half an hour before bedtime, you want to have some good food. You can take Ashwagandha milk supplements.

  • Ashwagandha milk supplements – You can mix 1 spoon of ashwagandha powder in 1 glass of lukewarm milk
  • 1 Glass milk with 1 spoon ghee
  • 1 Glass milk with honey
  • 1 Glass milk with Turmeric
  • Warm milk with Mishri

Note: Ayurveda recommends buffalo milk and milk products for weight gain faster.


This is your Full Day Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain, if you liked this article, then share this post on your Facebook, Whatsapp in Friends Circle so that those who want to gain weight can get help.




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