Shoulder press is the best exercise to get bigger and wider shoulders, Do you know what is the right form of shoulder press?


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  • Ways to get strong and wide shoulders
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Many people use these terms and keep searching about their body’s attractive muscles i.e. to tone, strengthen or increase the shoulder.
This is also true because a person with a wide shoulder and strong shoulder has a different personality. If they wear T-shirts or shirts, they all look different from broad shoulders, like….

  • John abraham

  • Tiger shroff

  • Hrithik Roshan

e.t.c. In exercise, Shoulder Press is the workout that is most commonly used. According to the time new experts came and they made some changes in the earlier form and those workouts also benefited a lot.
So let’s know about this exercise, that what the shoulder press exercise is, how to do it, and how to do it.

What is shoulder press exercise



The shoulder exercises that push upwards from barbells and dumbbells to shape the widest part of the shoulder and bring it into a round shape or to hit the deltoid muscles and the front shoulder are called shoulder press.

The shoulder muscles are attached to the scapula, humerus, and clavicle. Shoulder muscles are used to shape the outer shape of the underarm.

In the fitness industry, the shoulder is divided into three parts.

  • Anterior Shoulder – Front shoulder
  • Lateral – Outer Shoulder
  • Rear Delt – Back Shoulder

How do shoulder press exercise

shoulder press

It is a very effective shoulder exercise that widens your shoulders, strengthens, and contributes significantly to size. They can also say, if you do not have time to do much workout, then you will add some variations of this exercise, even if it fulfills 70 percent workouts of your shoulder.
You can use dumbbells and barbells to do this. With these in hand, you have to push upwards with the help of the shoulder. But while doing this, you have to take care to lift as much weight as you can lift yourself, lifting too much weight can pull your shoulder muscles or cause injury.
Shoulder Press is an exercise that is used to increase strength, increase power, wide shoulder shape the body, etc. In this, your upper chest and triceps are also included in the secondary.

While pressing shoulder, keep in mind that

Do not straight your elbow while moving the barbell/dumbbell up
Do not hold the wrist upright than bend it, otherwise, it will put more load on them.

Types Of Shoulder Press Exercise

1.Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press

As its name itself suggests, it has the use of dumbbell and it is done by standing.
In this, you have to stand in one place without moving your hips, legs, core etc. and press the dumbbell upwards with the help of your shoulder.
While doing this, you can keep some gap between your legs to create balance. After doing this, your sporting movements gain strength and strength.

2.Barbell Military Shoulder Press

It is considered a good workout for the shoulder. It is also considered a hypertrophy movement for the upper chest and triceps.

Also known as overhead press or simply barbell shoulder press. It creates more tension on the front deltoids muscles.

While doing this, keep in mind that the barbell has to be held in such a way that your Chin (Chin) is touching it when the barbell comes down, and then after stopping for half a second, you can then move it up.

3.Dumbbell Arnold Shoulder Press

As its name suggests, this exercise is named after Hollywood actor and famous body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While doing this workout, keep in mind that your palms are inward after bringing them down. At the same time, you have to hold the position of the hands like an overhead press while moving.

Do not lift too much weight while doing it initially, because doing so may hurt your shoulder.

4. Neutral Grip dumbbell Shoulder Press

Many people tend to have a pen when rotating or rotating the shoulder while doing a cold press, so many athletes or powerlifters do dumb neutral grip shoulder press exercise.

I can understand this that it creates less tension, but still you can feel up to 80 percent load by pushing the weight.

5.Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This exercise standing dumbbell is similar to a shoulder press, all you have to do is use the seat and sit on it and press the shoulder.

For support you can use the ticking bench, in which you will also get support from behind the shoulder and you will be able to do a heavy lift.

Note: Do not lift heavy weight initially while shoulder press, otherwise you may get hurt. First understand the correct posture from the trainer and then try.

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